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COMMANDER SUSAN IVANOVA - Of Russian descent, a commanding presence, and quirky at times, somewhat pessimistic. Second in command and in charge of day-to-day operations on Babylon 5. Promoted to rank of Commander in the second season.

CLAUDIA CHRISTIAN - The multi-talented Claudia Christian has starred in over a dozen feature films including "The Chase," "Hexed," "Clean and Sober," and "The Hidden." Among her numerous television credits are starring roles in Danielle Steele's "Kaleidoscope," "Columbo," "A Masterpiece for Murder," "The Woman Who Sinned" and "The Calendar Girl Murders." Christian has starred in the television series "Blacke's Magic," "Berrenger's" and "Highwayman" in addition to her guest appearances on shows including "L.A. Law" and "Murder, She Wrote." Christian's talents extend into the musical arena, and her first techno-dance album, "Taboo," is scheduled for release in late '96. Christian provides the cartoon voices for several children's shows including "Itsy Bitsy Spider," "Little Wizards" and "Hyperman," and she has completed writing a series a children's books entitled "The Misadventures of Emma Bradford."