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AMBASSADOR LONDO MOLLARI - (Peter Jurasik) Represents the Centauri Republic. The Republic has gone from a major power to the laughing stock of the galaxy. After re-taking the Narn homeworld with help from the Shadows, Londo worked to overthrow the emperor and, in return for G'Kar's help, free Narn once again.

PETER JURASIK - Versatile talent Peter Jurasik has successfully worked as an actor and more recently as an author, co-writing a science fiction novel entitled "Diplomatic Act" for Simon & Schuster/Baen Books. The actor's most recent acting projects include two movies for cable, HBO's "The Night Shift" and Showtime's "Huck and the King of Hearts." Jurasik has had regular and recurring roles on several series including "Hill Street Blues," "Dear John," "Beverly Hills Buntz," "Bay City Blues" and "L.A. Law." He has also guest-starred on shows spanning twenty years of television including "M*A*S*H," "Taxi," "Columbo," "Perry Mason," "Dave's World" and "Civil Wars."